The Last Smoke

[Associate finally speaks up] " Sir here's vlog evidence of his last smoke before the incident. He looks calm. Maybe he did not think much of it at first. But then why did he title the Vlog as 'the last smoke'? "
Final Illustration :


Playing with lighting after finishing the 3D sculpt


Decided that i want to render a glass visor, and for that i wanted the shadow to fall across the face.


Different renders and angles before i decided on the last one as the final one.


Color version, and then photoshop concepting and rendering


wanted to add more realism


rendering, glass, lighting, phototextures, and finally a hand as if he's holding a camera and Vlogging about his last smoke


Added some sort of fog etc. in the background, as if something has just gone really wrong. The protagonist is calm and just wants to enjoy his last smoke and vlog that. Also added some video noise and black line noise to add a touch of realism