Digital Coloring on a sketch by Dao_ofdraw

This incredible artists' work inspired me and I decided to color it digitally! Christopher Judd (A.k.a. Dao_ofdraw) allowed me to work on it, and also liked the result! Day made!! ❤️
Please check out the incredible artwork he makes :

Made this while streaming live on Twitch in under 2 hours!
Do follow on if you would like to catch me streaming that and chat live!
C&C most welcome.

Other Links :

Digital coloring timelapse | 2 hours to 2 minutes | (Original art by dao_ofdraw)

SONG : Gramatik - Now I know

Vibhas virwani final

Result of the coloring

Vibhas virwani full hd comparison

Sketch by Christopher Judd, coloring is the only part I did on this incredible piece of art!

Vibhas virwani warm up

This sketch inspired me to get going today! Love the artwork so much!