Artstation character concept art challenge completed! "Dragon's Rise - The forgotten realms"

News / 18 August 2022

Hi everyone!

despite having covid-19 at the start of August and skipping a 7-9 days of the challenge duration, I somehow managed to squeeze in an entry for this years annual Artstation character concept art category of the challenge (Theme : Dragon's rise - The forgotten realms)
Here is the final line-up and the link to the >>> contest thread<<< Please do comment/like/share etc. if you actually like the work. Any feedback/comments/critique is also most welcome and much appreciated.
You can also see all the 6 characters, the 2 creatures in full as well as the entire work-process on the >>>contest thread<<<

3D prop design (rendered) Artstation challenge 2021 work in progress!

Work In Progress / 19 November 2021

Hi everyone!

I am currently participating in the Artstation 3D prop design (rendered) challenge, and have only 18 days left on this challenge!
You can check out my process on the challenge thread on this link

Also other spaces you can find me : Linktree

I am looking forward to finishing this challenge and hoping for some feedback on improving the entry too.
Mainly everything is done using Zbrush and photoshop, but I do intend to throw Substance painter in the mix!
Here are some updates on the 3 props so far! Please do drop by the challenge thread if you would like to support!
It would mean a lot. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

New character art [& Print] "The return of utter possibilities"

General / 25 October 2021

Some new 3D art in progress! C&C welcome!

Work In Progress / 20 October 2021

Quick terrain photobash on the floor to see how it might look with shadows when its landed on the floor. Need to work more on the glass and lots more things like various materials and texturing on substance

Took it to photoshop and added some cool lights, glows n lift off smoke effects just to see where it might go.. 

Top view

Work in progress 3D hard surface modeling/sculpting progress. Lots of work left on it still. The idea is to make a 2 seater multi-terrain vehicle for now. Playing with it and learning a lot. Will give it some weapons and some customizations later. Will make a low poly model and then take it to substance painter. Feedback most welcome! Open for commissions and paid projects

Portfolio :
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Online art prints now available!

General / 09 May 2021
My online art prints store is now live!! 
 check it out!!!! :D :D 

Art prints, art posters, canvas prints & Metal HD prints available. Worldwide shipping. Upto 40 inches Tall/wide. $22.10 onwards (+shipping)

So I borrowed the images that Artstation provides and quickly made me 10 creatives for it to carousel on an Instagram ad and see how that goes.
Any tips on that anyone? any C&C would also be most welcome!

mRNA vaccines are NOT an evil conspiracy to mess with human DNA

General / 07 May 2021
If you all know any friends/family/relatives etc. who are skeptical about mRNA vaccines etc. then here's a really simplified visual documentary I made back in early 2015 about regenerative cellular therapy. It explains basics of what proteins are, a bit about RNA and how protein based therapy works. To ALL the mRNA skeptics out there; This is NOT some evil plan to mess with your DNA! Had to read up biology to even make the storyboard for it back in the day. It is VERY relevant to this day of course. 
Worked on this project under Magic Spangle Studios Pvt. Ltd. & LLC with Akash Majumdar & @vishnu

Full Project

While India and Nepal remain gripped by the new mutant virus, we CANNOT afford to have any illiterate / oblivious / ignorant and paranoid delusions about the vaccines!

This is what it really means when they say "Pandemic". These are violent times on every level. There is too much pain. There is too much anger. This is uncontrollable and at this point I can only HOPE. Every action we take right now, will have absolute consequences. Leave nothing up to god. Do your bit! LIFE LITERALLY ENDS WHEN LEARNING STOPS. Always say YES to research and Learning! Specially in these dire times, it is important to keep up to speed. THIS is why EDUCATION is KEY. ISOLATE, DOUBLE MASK, SANITIZE. THIS IS THE TIME TO BRING OUR OCD OUT! EVERY ACTION can have an adverse consequence. Currently time brings absolute despair. Why still have HOPE? Because, without hope, NONE of your actions with adverse consequences will play out as you hoped (as u never hoped) ! The time to act is now! This is temporary. Time WILL change the situation around!


Covid19 India update : 2D game art dump & Linktree : An easy way to follow all my socials

General / 04 May 2021

I am currently residing in Pokhara, Nepal, trying to ride out the brutal 2nd wave in India.
The plan is to stay indoors and create lots of art. I have also turned nocturnal to avoid human interaction altogether.
Already been here and doing so for over a month now, just before the onset of the 2nd wave. Feeling very lucky I did so and grateful.

Where else can you follow my progress? Compiled my links here! So much more convenient! 

Please do share yours too in the comments.

Some of the 2D games I made art for :

  would like to hear from you all. How has the pandemic affected your art & lifestyle as an artist?

Got Twitch streaming going with camera and audio now!

General / 12 September 2019

I have 'twitched' for 12 days now and streamed for 6 days out of that for under an hour each day!
With almost 5 hours of total progress on the illustration, this is where i have reached with it!
C & C are most welcome
Please hit that follow button on my Twitch channel 

Decided to start streaming on Twitch!

General / 04 September 2019

Hey everyone,
Yepppp ,
I decided to put stuff out there on more platforms. I have all of 3 followers so far, and 4 streams and only now am I
getting the hang of it :D
Here is a work in progress of an illustration that i am streaming on there these days. I will try to set out a regular routine on there
and i hope i can gain more discipline out of that. Already meeting lovely folks on that community. ANYone who wants to connect on twitch too? 
(almost 3-4 hours of work on this so far i think)

Dayyymm, That was tight!

General / 11 June 2019

Hey everyone~!
Made it! My first artstation challenge entry was submitted seconds before the deadline!! Next time im using up full 30 days :D
Let me know what you all think! Comments and criticism will be most appreciated. Would love to fix em up further before putting
em up on the folio. Happy creating artstation

Challenge Thread with progress

Portfolio website