Character of the Week (C.H.O.W.) is a weekly contest thats been running since the beginning of time at !! I entered this weeks CHOW no. 378 .... JUST made the 10.00 PM GMT entry !! The topic was " THE OLD APOTHECARY " and the description given was : Deep within a forest, outside of the Tussnech kingdom, there is an apothecary who travels to and fro, selling his goods. He has everything from elixirs and medicinal herbs to fake limbs and bandages. The mystery about him is that he only shows up before something terrible happens. Whether its a sickness or a war, he has something for any situation, but a limited supply. Some say danger is his shadow and if you see him, you better buy what he has or leave the kingdom. The Requirements : Can be male or female. Must be human Appears to be around 70 years old Has a pack full of his goods.

Vibhas virwani final old apothicary by vibhas virwani

final character concept

Vibhas virwani wips

work in progress shots