THU 2019 - Desirable futures - '2060 : When manifestation became instant & public!'

Contest entry for this time's THU 2019 - Desirable futures Challenge
Its 2060, and i know it looks far fetched for right now, but in 2045 the manifestation box was invented. Out of the very first manifestation box itself, we could produce another one, and so on ... and soon enough they were common. Materialism went out the door. Humans focused on the planet as a unified race.
Becoming fossil fuel free was a HUGE DEAL! So no oil, no petrol, no gas, no coal etc. etc. This means massive changes in infrastructure, architecture, city planning etc. etc.
So the world in 2019, is as we knew it, then a seemingly ever-speeding apocalyptic trajectory up-to about 2045, finally gaining some form of Utopian structured stability by 2055. And voila! Now its 2060. 5 years into Utopian structure v1.0.

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In this world, skill & hard work towards serving the Human race - gets you power. Decentralized communal coding networks of tech peer groups created algorithms that work fluidly like living organisms to calculate this. Innovation is the focus!

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Early sketches that helped realize the vision towards the final visual