The Last Smoke

Narrative here was -
[Associate finally speaks up] " Sir here's vlog evidence of his last smoke before the incident. He looks calm. Maybe he did not think much of it at first. But then why did he title the Vlog as 'the last smoke'? "
New Concept art portfolio illustration. Have been working upon this on and off, in between projects. I really enjoy sci-fi narrative building illustrations. Hope you like it. Comments and feedback are most welcome.
Use of 3D base, digital painting and photo-textures. Do let me know what you guys think. This was a portfolio piece.

Vibhas virwani final 1600

Final Illustration

Vibhas virwani face9

Playing with lighting after finishing the 3D sculpt

Vibhas virwani face12

Decided that i want to render a glass visor, and for that i wanted the shadow to fall across the face.

Vibhas virwani wip part0

Different renders and angles before i decided on the last one as the final one.

Vibhas virwani wip part1

Color version, and then photoshop concepting and rendering

Vibhas virwani wip part2

wanted to add more realism

Vibhas virwani wip part3

rendering, glass, lighting, phototextures, and finally a hand as if he's holding a camera and Vlogging about his last smoke

Vibhas virwani final with video effects

Added some sort of fog etc. in the background, as if something has just gone really wrong. The protagonist is calm and just wants to enjoy his last smoke and vlog that. Also added some video noise and black line noise to add a touch of realism.