Hex Burst

Swipe or use the arrow keys to move horizontally left or right. Grow the chain by collecting piercing triangles to add to the chain, and burst as many hexagons as you can. The gameplay is based on the game snake vs block, but we decided to add a bit of a visual challenge by adding an illusion of backward motion to the background pattern, which is actually static. When you focus on the background pattern, the background stops moving !! I really enjoyed seeing this illusion come together as the development on HTML5 progressed.
Do check it out for free here : https://www.gamezop.com/g/H1abja2M_eb/Hex_Burst/Hex_Burst

Vibhas virwani 1024x500

Game cover page

Vibhas virwani game 1

main menu final mockup & assets

Vibhas virwani gameplay2

Gameplay screen mockup in another color theme

Vibhas virwani gameover5

Simple game over screen mockup