Coin Grab

A new puzzle game skin concept i came up with for a casual html5 game for Gamezop. I created the game concept , art, mockups and assets in about 3-4 work days. Swipe to move the piggy across tiles to collect all the bitcoins on the level. Control upto 2 piggy-banks that move synchronously, but cannot backtrack! Move through portals within a total level count = 100 !! Can you complete them all ??
You can play the game here >>

Vibhas virwani 1200x627

Cover page for the game

Vibhas virwani mainmenu4a

Main menu mockup & assets

Vibhas virwani level39coingrab

Gameplay screen mockup & assets

Vibhas virwani level selection

Level selection screen

Vibhas virwani gameplay 4 levelup

Level finished screen

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