In Game 2D animated characters

These characters were first created using photoshop, and then animated using spine in Unity, for the android/ios game
Ludo Live: Heroes & strategy while i was working at Hashstash studios pvt. ltd. I did create all the remaining artwork for the game as well
including UI, BG, effects, animations & promotional artwork.
You can check out these character animations in the game >>

Vibhas virwani character linup image

Full line up of final character art made in Photoshop

Vibhas virwani uttara animation frames

All these character puppets were rigged using spine and animated in Unity itself

Vibhas virwani kapaal animation frames

The magenta color was replaced by code according to the player's team color!

Vibhas virwani nawaab animation frames
Vibhas virwani agastya animation frames
Vibhas virwani garuda animation frames
Vibhas virwani betaal animation frames

I included the effects within each character puppet. They were simply mostly invisible and made life easier for the coders.

Vibhas virwani chandaal animation frames