Phoenix hovercraft 3D (WIP)

This is still work in progress, but i really wanted to experiment with Greebles in Zbrush, and i loved the details it gives the 3D model
in such a short time. I now understand better how the greeble details should be, for projecting what i want onto the surface.
This has been a fun experiment, and i am loving the results so far. I want to add more detail to it, and then finally get onto
materials, surface details and textures. Any ideas about where i should render it and what might work quickest for adding materials?
Any feedback and help would be most appreciated.

Vibhas virwani phoenix options

Experimenting with colors in photoshop. I think i might ultimately go with the Red one. What do you all think ?

Vibhas virwani 1

Believe it or not, i started out with this version. My first semi-successful experiment with greebles in Zbrush. But i decided that it was too bulky in design.

Vibhas virwani 7

This version was a bit too deflated, but i did enjoy the sleek alien-craft sort of look it had.

Vibhas virwani current4aa

So i finally decided to go with this one. Kind of mechanoid level of heavy-ness. But i did not really enjoy the color combination with such a look.

Vibhas virwani current3

Gray version

Vibhas virwani concept 2a

Bumble-bee colors!

Vibhas virwani mirrored glass reflective

experimenting with glass rendering in Zbrush for the cockpit. Kinda modelling as you go here. Did not really have a solid concept, except this vision i had in mind, which become more vivid as i went further. I had a basic direction in mind.

Vibhas virwani mirrored glass reflective frame lights2aa

just experimenting with lights, decals etc. here in Photoshop

Vibhas virwani ktbash6b

just experimenting with lights, decals etc. here in Photoshop