Music Video illustrations |Mark Steele - How to act

Out of my Magic Spangle Studios Pvt. Ltd. & LLC work (late 2014), this is the project that I am currently most proud of having worked upon, among the many projects the team tackled (which included a few games and even the Zynga poker game UI and art!). Under the guidance of Rajneesh Kumar & Manish Kumar, This was made in 2014 end/ start of 2015 and I had no real idea of the ground realities in USA back then, apart from what one heard about crimes against minorities. Now I know a little more, and the corruption pattern seems to be the same. Minorities are treated THIS way by this CORRUPT system till date!!! I think this rapper is RAW as hell and was on point about how history repeats itself! I made all those illustrations using Photoshop, while Akash Majumdar animated it all in after effects, all within 4-5 work-days! Please do check out how this resonates even today!!!