3 projects for carsoffers.com

Image Details : Contains portfolio images for 3 projects for www.carsoffers.com , Freedom app & Sandy & teddy. Created the storyboard , final production 2D characters and visual motif of the 2D explainer video for Carsoffers.com. For freedom app , created the storyboard as well as the final 2D characters and background. The 3D Zbrush speed sculpt at the bottom right of the image is a 3D character used in the intro of a poem video for kids with Sandy and Teddy. The sculpture was created in 3-4 hours flat and is supposed to represent a cartoon version of Sandy (https://www.youtube.com/user/SANDYOFFICIALCHANNEL). Tools : Adobe Photoshop CC , Wacom Ninja , Windows 7 , Pixologic Zbrush , Autodesk Maya