Legend of King Arthur - Prop design Challenge entry

Here is the actual challenge thread : https://www.artstation.com/contests/the-legend-of-king-arthur/challenges/66/submissions/45184
Prop designs i made, for Artstation's recent " Legend of King arthur " prop design challenge.
I wanted to make a props while aiming at prop design for realistic TV shows like Game of thrones.
felt like the use of images for a collage of real objects spliced up with some "magical/mystical" effects on top.
I imagined the wispy red strands of smoke/fog emitting out of the grail to add to the composition and the "magic" element of the prop.
The light shining through the gem, as if its emitting it. The Green axe and its spinning sfx spins with rage!
Do let me know what you think in the comments please! Feedback is most welcome. Always looking to improve. This contest was fun.

Vibhas virwani presentation allprops

All 5 props rendered

Vibhas virwani presentation12 axe

The Green Knight's Axe prop sheet

Vibhas virwani presentation10 shield

One of five prop designs i made, for Artstation's recent " Legend of King arthur " prop design challenge.
This is the shield that King Arthur used, as it would "fit like a glove" !

Vibhas virwani presentation10 sword

Final Excalibur prop sheet

Vibhas virwani presentation6 holygrail

Final Holy grail prop sheet

Vibhas virwani presentation12 banner

Final Banner prop sheet

Vibhas virwani excalibur concept progress

Sword, work in progress shots.

Vibhas virwani shield concepts vibhas virwani

Shield concept variations photobashed and painted over to blend.

Vibhas virwani banner moodboard

Moodboard for Sir Yvain's Banner. The knight with a pet lion!

Vibhas virwani greenaxe moodboard

Moodboard for the Green Knight's Axe.

Vibhas virwani holy grail moodboard

wanted to explore several options, so i created an elaborate moodboard in the direction i wanted it to go. I knew i wanted ornate details, shiny gold and a simple shape. In my mind, what makes it "holy" are the spells that have been cast on it.