Regenerative cellular therapy storyboard

Regenerative cellular therapy. Protein and peptide therapeutics. . roughly 42 min. explainer video/documentary explaining protein and peptide therapeutics in depth through visual aid , iconography , typography and motion graphics . Responsibilities included researching and understanding the topic in depth firstly , then creating a panel by panel storyboard for the provided script/voice-over . Thankfully I have been a science student mostly and it was not so hard to get to grips with biology again after a gap of a few years . I also had to ensure that the entire team of animators would understand these panels and be able to implement the intended visual communication after the storyboard was approved. Overlooking the whole production process and the final output to be as close to the storyboard as possible . The technical obstacles to overcome were many as time provided to finish the entire 42 min. documentary was less than 2 weeks !!