Merfolk tide power generator concept

IDW 218 ~ EOW 198 crossover team challenge done with siiilon from Was super fun colaborating with siiilon for this contest !! here is the merfolk tide power generator concept . There was a description provided for creating industrial designs for the Merfolk colony of aquatic alien people. The tide power generator stores the water from high tide as well as waves and then uses their stored potential energy . Converts this to kinetic energy by draining out the water throiugh turbines at low tide . Maya + photoshop. We won the crossover challenge at the website !

Vibhas virwani sci fi merfolk colony 3d tide power generator concept art by vibhas virwani 1

final concept art submission for the contest

Vibhas virwani turbine max4a0000 2

tide power generator fields quick idea

Vibhas virwani turbine3a

Turbines concept

Vibhas virwani turbine7a


Vibhas virwani turbine9aaaaaaaa